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99% Positive
(2622 reviews)

(++) Fantastic...can't wait to visit the shop in person someday!
45 Minute(s) ago

(++) Service rating : First time of using spoilt rotten services and it was on recommendation from a fellow beading friend.
Delivery and service was prompt
Product : Not tried yet but my friends had hers 2yrs and still rates hers as her best tools
2 Hour(s) ago

(++) Service rating : Great pattern, good service.
Product : Haven't use the pattern yet, but instructions are clear and appear to be easy to follow.
17 Hour(s) ago

(++) Service rating : Great service, got a nice little free gift, very thoughtful. My only very slight criticism is that one end of the thread on the crystal beads wasn't fastened off properly and several beads fell off when I opened the pack - luckily they just fell onto the worktop.
Product : Lovely beads at a great price.
20 Hour(s) ago

(++) great choice of products
22 Hour(s) ago


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