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Product : very happy with beads
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(++) Service rating : very pleased with beads
Product : love the bracelet
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(++) Service rating : Excellent web site, easy to use. Pattern downloaded straight away.
Product : Lovely bracelet flexible feel, took just couple of hours to make but I am experienced. I made it using full labourite honeycomb for a metallic industrial feel.
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(++) I am having problems downloading, it's just me.. I printed out the instructions this time. Thank you for the opportunity for the patterns. I really want to expand my kumihimo.
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Kumihimo Disk - Square - With instructions

Kumihimo Disk - Square - With instructionsKumihimo Disk - Square
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Kumihimo Disk - Square

The Kumihimo Disk is six inches in diameter and made of 3/8 dense foam with numbers 1-32 around the edge. There are large dots on numbers 8,16,24 and 32 - these help you set up your disk to begin braiding.

The disk creates a pretty flat braid that's perfect for making necklaces, bag charms, key rings and lots more!

We have a great selection of satin cords for making your kumihimo braids with - choose from 1mm which makes elegant thinner braids or the thicker 3mm which makes a chunky braid.

Comes with full English instructions or click here to see a U Tube Video that shows you how!

Perfect for use with our Satin/Rattail cord.