Natural Gemstones add beautiful colour and meaning to your jewellery making designs. Gemstones are associated with various different properties and are also birthstones. Gemstones are mined and finished all over the world and each stone is uniquely beautiful.


Amazonite is mined in rivers in South America and comes in various shades of blue and green. Amazonite is associated with healing powers and balancing the chakras. It is said to be particularly useful for filtering out traumas and stress.


Agate semi-precious stones and beads come in many different colours and textures. Agate is mined all over the world and is often dyed to create amazing effects that mimic more expensive gemstones and semi-precious stones. Agate gemstones are said to connect you to the earth and promote stability and harmony.


Amethyst is the birthstone for both Gemini and Pisces. It comes in rich tones of deep purple ranging to paler lilacs and shades of violet. Most of the world’s amethyst is mined in South America – particularly Uruguay and Brazil. Amethyst is associated with wisdom and the balancing of the crown chakra.


Apatite semi-precious stone beads are available in various rich shades of blue and green. Blue Apatite is said to stimulate the third eye and the throat chakra. Apatite stones are said to encourage creativity and increase the inner strength. Apatite is mined in several areas of the world including India, Kenya, Brazil, Norway and Sri Lanka. There is a very rare rich purple apatite which is only mined in the USA.


Aquamarine is a soft blue often transparent stone that was believed to have been the treasure of mermaids and was said to bring sailors good luck. Most of the word’s deposits of aquamarine can be found in Brazil. It is associated with soothing and cleansing properties and is the birthstone of March. Aquamarine gemstones create a beautiful addition to spring and summer jewellery collections.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is found mainly in South America, it is a very hard semi-precious stone which is often completely black but may also have streaks of white and grey.  Black onyx is said to absorb and transform negative energy and aid the development of emotional and physical strength.