Pearlesque AB SilverSilk

Silver AB Pearlesque is 3.50 mm wide and is a round knit.

This SilverSilk knit has been created by first knitted 6 AB Silver Metallic threads over top of a 2mm silver ball chain.

A third layer is then knit over both the threads and chain using 8 permanently enameled non tarnish silver wires into a tubular wire mesh.

This creates a very soft, almost fabric like supple shimmering chain.

We sell SilverSilk AB Pearlesque Chain in multiples of 10cm (so if you order a quantity of 4 you will receive one continuous 40cm length of SilverSilk AB Pearlesque Chain). To make a double stranded Love Knot style bracelet you will need approx 40cm of SilverSilk AB Pearlesque Chain – for a regular single strand bracelet 20cm of SilverSilk will be sufficient.

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Showing all 3 results