11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads 23 gram tube – Duracoat Opaque Dyed Violet


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11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

  • Duracoat Opaque Dyed Violet
  • Duracoat is a more durable coating than traditionally used
  • Finest quality Japanese Seed Beads
  • Bead size 2mm
  • Hole size 0.8mm
  • 23g Tube – approx 2500 beads
  • Seed beads are also known as Roccailles

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Miyuki is a Japanese company that produces premier quality seed beads in some of the most beautiful colours.

We sell our ‘Duracoat Opaque’ seed beads in 23g tubes which contain approximately 2500 beads. 11/0 seed beads measure 2mm and have a hole size of 0.8mm.

A size 10 beading needle is perfect for 11/0 beads, but a smaller needle may be required for multiple passes.

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