18x32mm Yellow Agate Cabochon


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  • 18x32mm
  • Yellow Agate Cabochon
  • Perfect for beading, crafts, wire wrapping and bead embroidery
  • Agate is believed to be a popular healing crystal of protection and new hope
  • Priced per piece – photo shows three stones in order to show colour variations.


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    Agate is a common rock formation consisting of silica, Quartz and Chalcedony.

    Yellow Agate, is said to reinforce courage, confidence, happiness and prosperity into our lives. It is also believed that agate crystals help to calm the senses and put everything in to perspective.

    This oval cabochon is perfect for wire wrapping to create a beautiful pendant or ring, but can also be used for many other crafts, bead weaving or even bead embroidery.

    We have photographed 3 different cabochons to show the variations in colour.

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