Even Count Peyote Carrier Bead Patterns – Downloadable


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These patterns were designed by Vivien Hussey at Spoilt Rotten Beads.

This pattern sheet is not intended to be a tutorial to teach you peyote stitch but to show give you some easy to follow even count peyote charts that you can use to cover your carrier beads.

We recommend that you check out our YouTube video on using carrier beads which will help you to get started.

All of these patterns use even count peyote and are worked in 48 rows using 11/0 Miyuki Delica Beads using 6lb Fireline Thread and a size 10 beading needle. Add a dab of GS Hypo Cement glue to your carrier beads before slipping on your peyote sleeve – this will keep the peyote sleeve in place.

For the bracelet in this image we have strung our carrier beads on 0.7mm Stretch Magic Elastic and separated the carrier beads with 6mm Preciosa Glass Pearls, but 4mm beads, pearls and firepolish beads work equally well.

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    Even Count Peyote Carrier Bead Patterns - Downloadable


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    Even Count Peyote Carrier Bead Patterns - Downloadable
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    looking forward to trying these patterns as they look very interesting No Comment
    So pretty. No Comment
    Loving it easy to follow quick download No Comment
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    Fast and good quality buy again next time No Comment
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    As Above No Comment
    These patterns are to add to my stash to give me inspiration. Lovely. No Comment
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    Nice patterns, easy to follow No Comment
    Excellent No Comment
    As Above No Comment
    Always wanted to learn! You made that happen!
    No Comment
    Er zijn hele mooie patronen. No Comment
    Not what I expected at all. Disappointed that it is just a chart showing the pattern with no clue how to start. No Comment
    These are great fun to do. Good variety of designs. Very easy to download. No Comment
    Shush it had row numbers on free patterns. I will buy some complete patterns when I get more confidence. Thank you No Comment
    Excellent No Comment
    I am currently working my way through a number of these fun designs - thank you :) No Comment

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