Even Count Peyote Stitch Instructions

Peyote stitch is a pattern used to weave seed beads together using a needle and thread.

There are different types of peyote stitch and this peyote stitch tutorial features the even count peyote stitch.

You can use this stitch to create a peyote band which can be as wide or narrow as you like, you can then make this band into a bracelet and either leave it plain or embelish it, the peyote bracelet below is embelished with O Beads and size 15/0 Miyuki beads.

Materials Needed:

11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Fireline Beading Thread

Size 12 Beading Needle


1. Thread your needle with a 2 meter length of Fireline beading thread. Pick up 1 11/0 and bring the thread back around the bead to create a “stop” bead:

2. Now pick up a further 9 11/0 beads:

3. Now pick up another 11/0, skip the last bead that you threaded and go through the next bead. Continue adding beads in this way until you get to the end of the row:

4. Now your row will look a little like this (a bit like a zip!). The beads that stick up are often referred to as the “up” beads, and the recessed beads are often referred to as the “down” beads:

5. For the next row pick up a bead and go through the last bead that sticks up from the first row. The beads that you are adding will fit into the recessed spaces:

6. Continue adding rows this way until the bead work is the desired length.

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