Right Angle Weave

Basic Right Angle Weave is one of the essential bead weaving techniques, it allows for endless design possibilities and is the basis for many beautiful patterns that you’ll find in beading books and tutorials

Ingredients Required

We recommend that you start off using a 3mm or 4mm Firepolish bead, choose four colours

Size 10 Beading Needle

Fireline Beading Thread or S-Lon D Thread


1. Thread a meter of beading thread onto a size 10 needle and string four beads (A,B,C,D)
2. Bring the beads down to the end of your thread (leave a tail of approx 10cm) and go back through bead A to create a loop:
3. Now go back through beads B,C, D and exit from the A bead:
4. Now pick up B, A, D
5. Sew back through bead A
6. Sew back through beads B and A