Fan Earring Tutorial

These cute fan shaped earrings are really simple to make and if you scroll down to the bottom of our tutorial you’ll see how we’ve joined them up together to make a bracelet too…

You’ll need to gather the following supplies:

SuperDuo Beads (you’ll need 12 to make a pair of earrings)

2 x 6mm Firepolish Beads

Size 11/0 Seed Beads


Fireline Thread & Size 10 Needle


  1. Pick up 1 Superduo and 3 seed beads, thread back through the empty hole in the SuperDuo:  
  2. Now pick up 5 more Superduo beads followed by 3 seed beads, thread back through the empty hole in the last SuperDuo. 
  3. Now add a seed bead inbetween each of the SuperDuo beads: 
  4. Now sew down through the next 3 seed beads and pick up a 6mm fire polish bead:
  5. Sew through the next 3 seed beads and all of the SuperDuos and Seed beads. When you reach the tail of thread left in step 1 knot your working thread to it and pull the knot inside the next bead before trimming off the remaining tail of thread. Keep threading through the beads until you are exiting from the firepolish bead
  6. Pick up 6 seed beads and sew back through the firepolish bead and the first three seed beads you picked up in this step:
  7. Pick up 1 seed bead and sew through the next 3 seed beads and firepolish bead. Now finish off your thread by tying several half hitch knots.
  8. Sew up through the next 4 seed beads and pick up 7 more seed beads, sew back through the seed bead you are exiting (this is the bead added in step 7). Reinforce this loop by threading through the beads one more time before finishing off your thread. 
  9. Finally add your finished earring to the earwire by carefully opening up the loop on the earwire with a pair of chain nose pliers.
  10. Once you’ve mastered making a pair of earrings why not have a go at joining the units together to make a bracelet…..

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