Amazonite Bracelet

Stunning Amazonite Donut Bracelet with pretty macrame knots and fancy clasp


Amazonite Donut Bead
4 x Silver Plated Large Hole Rondelle Beads
2 x Silver Plated Fold Over Cord Ends
2 x Silver Plated Jump Rings

1 x Silver Plated Fancy Clasp
1mm Waxed Cotton Cord in Turquoise


1. Begin by cutting a 30cm length of waxed cotton cord and attaching to the donut bead using a "larks head" knot:

2. Now thread on a silver plated rondelle bead and push hard up against the donut.

3. Next take a 50cm length of waxed cotton and knot it onto the two strands that you have coming out of the larks head knot and begin tying macrame knots (otherwise known as shamballa knots) – see instructions for making a shamballa bracelet here

4. Continue knotting until the knots are about 55mm long (check the size against your wrist), when you're happy with the size finish off the knots as in the shamballa bracelet instructions, thread on another silver plated rondelle bead and tie a knot in the two central cords.

5. Now add a fold over cord end to the central cords, trim off any excess cord and attach one half of the clasp using a jump ring.

6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the other side of the bracelet.

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