Amethyst Briolette Earrings

Amethyst Briolette Earrings


2 x Amethyst Glass Briolette beads

2 x Sterling Silver Eye Links

2 x Sterling Silver Earwires Round with Ball

2 x 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Crystal AB

4 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Violet Opal

4 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Amethyst

4 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Light Amethyst

0.4mm Sterling Silver or Silver Plated wire

Tools Required: Side Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, Snipe Nose Pliers


1. Take a 15cm length of silver wire and thread on a glass briolette bead – take the briolette bead 1/3 of the way down the wire so that one end of the wire is shorter than the other.

2. Take both ends of the wire and bring them up to the top of the briolette bead and wrap the short end of the wire around the longer end three times, then snip off the short end (you will have created a kind of bail for the briolette to hang from)

3. On the remaining end of wire thread on a 6mm Swarovski crystal bead and create a wire wrapped loop on the top, before you close the loop thread on the eye link.

4. Next take the remaining wire and thread on a 4mm crystal, wrap the wire and the small 4mm crystal around the larger 6mm crystal, wrap five more small crystals around the larger one in this fashion – you will create a kind of messy spiders web of wire and crystals around the larger 6mm crystal. Finish off by tucking in the end of the wire and snipping off any excess.

5. Add the eye link to the ear wire by gently opening up the loop on the end of the earwire (remember to open the earwire out sideways so that you don’t put too much strain on the metal).

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other earring!

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