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Angelic Bracelet – 10 Minute Make!

This angelic bracelet was designed for us by Mandy and features a sparkling angel charm.

It’s available as a kit right now – just click below this tutorial to purchase yours!


10 x 10mm Frosted White Glass Pearls

20 x Filigree Bead Caps

9 x 6mm Firepolish Beads in Labrador

18 x Silver Plated Daisy Spacers

1 x Charm Holder

1 x 5mm Open Jump Ring

1 x Angel Charm

0.7mm Stretch Magic Elastic

Zap Gel Glue, Chain Nose Pliers & Beading Mat


  1. Cut a 20cm length of Stretch Magic elastic and add a piece of sellotape to one end – this will stop your beads from falling off as you thread them.
  2. Thread the beads on starting with the charm holder, followed by a bead cap, 10mm pearl, bead cap, daisy spacer, firepolish, daisy spacer etc
  3. Once your beads are threaded onto your elastic remove the sellotape from the end and  simply tie a double knot in the ends of the elastic and secure with a dab of Zap Gel Glue.
  4. Once the glue is dry push the knot inside the charm holder and trim off the tails of thread.
  5. Finally add the angel charm onto the charm holder using the jump ring and chain nose pliers

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