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Babuska Phone Charms!

Babuska Phone Charms – soooo cute!

We’ve created these lovely little mobile phone charms using our porcelain babuska beads and then combined them with swarovski crystals (8mm size) and beads which tone in with the colours – it’s a great project for using up some of your "odds and ends".


Babuska Beads (these come in a pack of 6 mixed coloured beads)

Mobile Phone Strap

3 x 2 Inch Silver Plated Headpins

4 x 3mm Silver Plated Round Beads (these act as stoppers to stop the  headpins from slipping through the beads with the larger holes)

1 x 8mm Swarovski Crystal Bead

1 x Bead in the colour of your choice – we’ve used lucite and glass beads in the charms above

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Begin by threading the beads onto the headpins using the 3mm silver plated round beads as stoppers if necessary to prevent the headpin from slipping through the larger holes on the babuskas and glass beads.

2. Next use your round nose pliers to create wire wrapped loops on the top of the headpins, snip off any excess wire using your side cutters and flatten off any sharp edges using your chain nose pliers.

3. Finally attach the charms to the split rings that are on the mobile phone straps and you’re done – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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