Bead Embroidery Cuff



Brass Cuff

Lacys Stiff Stuff

Ultra Suede

Fabric Glue

Size 12 Beading Needle

Superlon (S-Lon) beading thread size D

Beads – to make the cuff above I used a variety of beads including Tourmaline Chips, Miyuki Bead Soup in Lavender Garden, Size 11 Miyuki Seed Beads in Celery and Galvanised Pewter and Size 8 Seed Beads in a variety of colours.


1. Begin by cutting a piece of Lacys Stiff Stuff to the correct size – it needs to fit around the outside of the cuff with around 2mm to spare all the way around.

2. Now draw your design onto the Lacys Stiff Stuff.

3. Get beading! Thread on some Nymo thread and add a knot to the end. Pass your needle through the backing and make a few stitches to secure the thread. You can attach the beads in two different ways – see below:

Stop Stitch – thread on a bead e.g. a semi-precious chip and also a seed bead, take the needle back through the chip but not the seed bead and back through the Lacys Stiff Stuff – the bead will act as a stopper and hold the chip in place:


Back Stitch – this is how you can attach long lines of seed beads. Thread on 3 seed beads, hold them in place and go through the Lacys Stiff Stuff, now go back up through the middle bead and out again through the last bead, add on three more beads and repeat, only this time go back up through the last bead from the first set of 3 and out through the last bead added. Keep adding more beads and going back through the last beads added and the new beads as in the photos below:

4. When you’ve added all your beads you’re ready to glue the ultra suede onto the inside of the cuff using the Fabric Glue. Leave it to dry and then glue the beadwork onto the front of the cuff.

5. Finish your cuff by beading the edges to cover the join between the Ultra Suede and the Lacys Stiff Stuff.

Embellishing the edges of your cuff to bring together the Lacys Stiff Stuff and the Ultra Suede:

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