Beaded Snowflake - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Beaded Snowflake

Make a beaded snowflake decoration using our wire snowflake forms


Wire Snowflake Form

0.4mm Silver Plated Non Tarnish Wire

11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (We used Matte Transparent Crystal AB)

8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (We used Galvanised Seafoam)

4mm Firepolish Beads

6mm Fire polish Beads

Tools: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Take a snowflake wire form and onto each arm thread 3 11/0 beads, 1 4mm Firepolish and another 11/0.

2. Now cut a 50cm length of 0.4mm Wire and attach it to one of the arms by wrapping tightly it several times around. Onto this length of wire thread on some more 11/0 and/or some more 8/0 beads, continue around the snowflake wrapping the wire around each arm and adding on more beads. Finish this step by wrapping the wire around the final arm of the snowflake and trimming.

3. Thread more beads onto each arm of the snowflake form (we’ve used some more 11/0, 8/0 and 4mm Firepolish Beads).

4. Repeat step 2 but this time you’ll need to use more beads as the span between each arm of the snowflake wire form will be larger.

5. Add some more beads onto each arm and if you like take a piece of wire and wrap it around each arm, thread some beads onto the wire, bring the wire up around a 6mm bead and wrap, thread on some more beads and take the wire back down to where you just started. Wrap around the wire form and trim.

6. Finish your piece by using your round nose pliers to turn a loop on the end of each arm, trim using your side cutters.

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