Beaded Wedding Cake!

Beaded Wedding Cake!

This project looks far more difficult than it actually is and the results are very impressive!

For this project I used thick 1.5mm Silver Plated wire to make the base for the decoration.

I measured around the base of the cake and then cut double the length of wire. I took the 1.5mm wire and twisted it around a pencil every couple of centimeters to create spirals and loops. Once it was the desired length I joined the two ends together by making two loops which I hooked into one another – making a circle that would fit over the cake.

Next I decorated the wire base using a really long length of 0.4mm Silver Plated Wire (approx 1.5m long) which I wrapped onto the base and then used to attach beads.

I threaded the beads onto the 0.4mm wire and twisted the wire together to create little clusters of beads (in the same way that you do for creating tiaras), I also threaded the beads onto the wire and put little kinks in it every so often or wrapped it around the thicker base wire to hold the beads in place.

It didn’t take very long really (only a couple of hours for all three tiers) but it’s so effective!

The beads that I used were 4mm Swarovski Crystals in fuschia and antique rose and 8mm Swarovski Crystal pearls in Powder Rose and Cream Rose.

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