Bejewelled Bracelets

Bejewelled Bracelets

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1 xHeart Toggle

4 xSilver Plated Crimp Beads

40 xBali Style Spacers

11 xSilver Plated Bicone Beads

20 x 6mm6mm Firepolish Beads or 6mm Glass Pearl Beads

20 x 4mmFirepolish Beads

40cm length of Beadalon 19 Strand Wire


Chain Nose Pliers

Side Cutters


1.Beginby threading one side of the clasp onto the Beadalonwire, let it fall into the centre of the wire and thread a crimp bead onto bothstrands of wire. Now take your chain nose pliers and squash the crimp flat. Youwill now have two equal lengths of wire coming from your crimp bead. Add a biconebead to both strands of wire:

2.Nextthread the beads onto one piece of wire as shown below. Reverse the patternwith the other strand of wire:

3.Nowtake another biconebead and thread both strands of wire through it. Push this biconebead down against the other beads and pull everything tight:

4.Continuewith the pattern until you have used all the beads in the kit. Finish with a biconebead followed by a crimp. Once you have crimped the other side of the clasp tothe wire trim any excess using your side cutters.

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