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Berrylicious Bracelet

Berrylicious Bracelet

This stunning bracelet was designed by Sarah who has made them in lots of other yummy colours too. At first glance you might think that it’s strung onto one of our ready made "bungee" bracelets, but it’s not (it’s even simpler than that!)


1 Strand of 6mm Glass Pearls in Royal

1 Strand of 6mm Glass Pearls in Violet

1 Pack of 4mm Chinese Crystals in Blackcurrant AB

2 x Packs of Gunmetal Headpins (these come in a pack of 50 pins and you need 100 pins)

1 x Silver Plated Decorated Heart Charm

1mm Stretch Magic Bead Cord

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters & Hypo Cement


1. This bracelet is super easy, to start with thread the beads on to the headpins (one bead per headpin)

2. Next wrap the headpins around the thick end of your round nose pliers approx 3 times – you’ll end up with a bead on a headpin with a loop above it that looks a bit like a key ring or split ring.

3. Repeat this with all the headpins and then snip off any excess wire

4. Finally thread all the little loops onto a double strand of Stretch Magic Bead Cord (we use a double strand for extra strength), tie a double knot and add a dab of Hypo Cement glue. Once the glue is dry snip off any excess elastic and you’re done!

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