Cactus Bloom Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Cactus Bloom Bracelet

You will need:

Preciosa Pip Beads

3mm Firepolish Beads

Silver Plated Square Findings


Size 10 Beading  Needle


Creating this bracelet is really simple and comes together in just a few steps!

1. Cut a length of DuraThread, that is approx 6ft in length. Attach the bar end of your toggle clasp by looping around the finding with your thread and securing with a knot. Trim excess.

2. Pick up; 2 firepolish, thread through one hole of the square finding, 2 firepolish and exit the second hole of the square finding. Repeat this 5 times, finishing on a single firepolished bead.

3. Loop through the other part of your toggle clasp and pass through to form a knot, flush to your beadwork.

4. Thread back through your beadwork and once exiting the first firepolished bead in your square finding, thread on 5 pip beads to your needle, loop through them all to pull into the flower shape and pass through the next few holes to exit in the same place to add your next flower. Repeat this across the bracelet.

5. Once you have added all of your flowers, pass through some of your beadwork and add a single 3mm yellow firepolished bead in between the centre of the flowers, using surrounding beads to hold in place. Make sure you’ve passed through enough beadwork to secure and trim any excess thread.

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