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Captured Bead Chainmaille Photo Tutorial

Created a joyful rainbow of miracle beads and jump rings

Gather the following supplies:

Chain Nose Pliers (two pairs)

8mm Coloured Jump Rings

6mm Miracle Beads

6mm Open Jump Rings

Toggle Clasp

Paper clip (optional)

  • Join two coloured jump rings together with a smaller 6mm ring

  • Now add a further two coloured jump rings, at this stage you can attach a paperclip to the original 6mm rings if you like – this can make it easier to handle as you add more beads and rings

  • Open two 6mm rings and have your bead ready

  • Now pick up the rings with your thumb and forefinger and open them out (pinch the first two coloured rings together and let the other two rings fall to the side:

  • Now put the bead inbetween the first two rings:

  • Carefully pull the second two rings up around the bead (make sure these rings don’t get caught on the first two silver rings:

  • Secure these rings in place with two more 6mm silver rings:

  • Now repeat the steps until your captured chainmaille is the desired length

  • Attach the clasp with a final jump ring and remove the paperclip


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