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Chakra Bracelet Tutorial

Unlock your Chakra with our Chakra bead bracelet, customise it with a charm and a tassel….

This bracelet features our Chakra bead strand – the seven Chakras represent the main energy centers in the body and it is believed that when energy flows through all 7 Chakras evenly your physical, emotional and mental well being will be improved.

Red=Earth, Orange = Water, Yellow = Fire, Green = Air, Blue = Communication, Indigo = Thought, Purple = Positivity

Gather the following supplies;

Chakra Bead Strand

0.7mm Stretch Magic Elastic

Hamsa Connector

Tassel & Charm

Glue (either Zap Gel or GS Hypo Cement)


  1. Cut a length of elastic and knot one end to one side of the hamsa connector and seal with a dab of glue
  2. Thread on the chakra beads until your bracelet is the desired length.
  3. Knot the other end of the elastic to the other side of the hamsa connector and glue.
  4. Add on your tassel and/or charm using a jump ring
  5. Trim off any excess elastic

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