Christmas Vine Bracelet Tutorial - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Christmas Vine Bracelet Tutorial

These festive vine bracelets make ideal stocking stuffers and they’re nice and quick to make too!

Gather the following supplies;

8/0 Miyuki or Toho Seed Beads

4x6mm Sparkling Crystal Rondelles

Magnetic Clasp

6mm Open Jump Ring

Christmas Charm

DuraThread & Size 10 Beading Needle.


1. Begin by threading your needle with around 1 meter of DuraThread

2. Pick up 3 8/0 beads, your clasp and 5 8/0 beads:

3. Knot the tail of thread to your working thread securely and the beads will form a loop. Now thread through the next 3 8/0, clasp and 3 8/0:

4. Now pick up 6 seed beads, 1 rondelle and 3 seed beads:

5. Stitch through the last 2 seed bads added in step 2 and up through the first 6 seed beads added in step 4:










6. Pick up 6 seed beads, 1 Rondelle and 3 seed beads – thread through the 5th and 6th seed beads addedin step 4

7. Now repeat this until your bracelet is the desired length – finish by attaching the other side of your clasp as you did in step 2 & 3. Add a charm to your bracelet using the jump ring.

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