Cleoptra Fringe Earrings - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Cleoptra Fringe Earrings

These sophisticated long fringe earrings are made using brick stitch and are a great project to use if you’ve never tried this technique before.

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Gather the folloiwng supplies:

Miyuki 11/0 Delica beads in Duaracoat Galvanised Champagne and Gunmetal Iris

Miyuki 3mm Bugle beads in Silver Lined Gold and Opaque White

Size 10 Beading Needle

6lb Black Fireline Thread

S-Lon D Thread in Black

1. Thread your needle with around 1.5 meters of Fireline thread and pick up 4 delica beads like so (two champagne and 2 gunmetal)

2. Now thread back through the first two champagne beads, bring the gunmetal beads down to the side of the two champange beads and thread the needle back through them – the beads will sit side by side:

3. Now pick up 2 more gunmetal beads and thread back through the gunmetal beads from step 2 and back through the 2 beads you just added:

4. Now continue adding beads to this row in the same way until you have 11 sets of beads like so:

5. Now pick up 2 Champagne beads and 2 Gunmetal beads and brick stitch them to the base that you just created – take the needle under the thread that crosses the 9th and 10th sets of beads in the base:

6. Now thread back up through the two gunmetal beads you just added and back down through the Champagne beads before stitching back up through the gunmetal beads again:

7. Now pick up 2 gunmetal beads and brick stitch them to the base – under the thread that crosses the beads in the base and up through the 2 beads you just added:

8. Repeat step 7 to the end of the line finishing with a pair of Champagne beads – this row should be just 10 beads long. Keep repeating steps 5-7 each time making the next row one bead shorter than the one before. Keep going until you finish with just two bead son the fine row:

9. Now make the loop for the top of the earring – pick up 4 champagne beads and sew back through the final 4 beads in the last row:

10. Finish off your Fireline thread by weaving it between several beads up and down the rows before you trim off the tail of your thread.

11. Now thread your needle with 1.5 meters of DuraThread or S-Lon D thread and attach it to the triangle of beads that you have created  by knotting it inbetween several beads like so:

12. Now thread your needle down through the first two champagne beads in the bottom row:

13. Pick up 13 gold bugle beads and one single Champagne delica, miss out the delica bead and sew back through all the bugle beads and up through the 2 beads that you exited in the base and down through the next two beads in the base:

14. Now repeat step 13 but with white delica beads

15. Repeat step 14 eight more times and finally finish with another row of gold bugle beads. Finish off your thread by weaving inbetween several sets of beads in the base and trim off the excess thread.

16. Finally attach the earwire to the finished earring.

17. Repeat for the other earring.



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