Coral Reef Pendant Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Coral Reef Pendant Necklace

This lovely design uses eco-Coral beads and on trend brass for a simple to make yet stunning design. We have also combined our Coral beads with gorgeous semi-precious Jade to add a splash of the ocean to this design. We’ll show you how to create a stunning matching set below;


Thread beads onto headpins (one gemstone bead to a headpin, and one mini rondelle/one Coral/one mini rondelle to another). Trim and loop. Use jumprings to attach the pieces together, alternating. When you have achieved the desired length, add a jumpring to one end and the lobster clasp to the other.


Attach a brass ring to your finished brass chain with a jumping. Thread on one mini rondelle/one coral/one mini rondelle/one coral bead to a ball pin, trim and loop. Attach this to the brass ring with a jumpring. Repeat to add a second ‘drop’ to the pendant.

Create the larger centre ‘drop’ by adding on a gemstone/mini rondelle/coral/mini rondelle/gemstone/mini rondelle/coral and gemstone to another ball pin. Trim and loop. Attach this in between the smaller two ‘drops’ to finish your pendant.

Experiment with colours, lengths and bead shapes for simple to make, but beautiful handmade pendants!

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