Designer Style Semi-Precious Bracelets

Designer Style Semi-Precious Bracelets


Chunky Freshwater Pearls or Semi-Precious Stones

Charm Holder in Silver Plated

Charm of your choice – Choose from Sterling Silver or Silver Plated

Jump Ring – Choose from Sterling Silver or Silver Plated

Headpin – Choose from Sterling Silver or Silver Plated

Stretch Magic 1mm Elastic Bead Cord

Tools Required: Side Cutters, GS Hypo Cement


1. Begin by stringing your chosen beads onto the Stretch Magic until the bracelet is about 7 inches long, now add your charm holder and knot the Stretch Magic in a nice tight double knot and secure with a dab of GS Hypo Cement. Leave to dry for 5 mins and trim off any excess cord – the knot will now slip inside the charm holder where it can’t be seen.

2. Now add your charm – either pop it onto a jump ring and slip it onto the charm holder, or if you’d like the option of changing the charm with your mood then firstly add the charm and jump ring onto a lobster clasp (either Sterling Silver or Silver Plated). If you’d like you can add a spare bead onto the charm holder too by firstly threading it onto a headpin and creating a wire wrapped loop before adding it to the jump ring.

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