Dizzy Spiral Earrings

Dizzy Spiral Earrings

This project uses our multipack of coloured copper wire which is really nice and soft and easy to work with.


0.5mm Coloured wire, click here to go straight to it

2 x Sterling Silver Earwires

2 x Sterling Silver 6mm Heavy Duty Open Jump Rings

Additional tools required: Wig Jig (Delphi or Olympus), Wig Jig Spiral Maker, Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Begin by cutting off six 20cm lengths of coloured wire (two of each colour that you’re going to use).

2. Using your Wig Jig Spiral Maker follow the instructions to make a flat spiral, if you don’t have a Wig Jig it is also possible to do this using round nose pliers (simply wind the wire around the nose of the pliers laying the wire down in a spiral shape).

3. When your spiral is the desired size take your round nose pliers and put a 90 degree angle in the wire next to the spiral shape, then approx 1.5cm from the spiral put in a loop using your pliers, wind the remaining length of wire back down the stem and snip off any excess.

4. Make the other two dangles in the same way making each one slightly shorter than the next.

5. Using your Chain Nose Pliers open one of the jump rings and pop all three of the spiral dangles onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring up again using your Chain Nose Pliers.

6. Open up the loop on the earwires by gently bending it out to the side and add the jump ring and spiral dangles, close the loop up again.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for the other earring. 

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