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Easy Daisy Chain Tutorial

These daisy chains are very easy to make and perfect for children or teens to make at home.

Choose three different colours of 3mm glass pearl beads, a clasp and a needle and thread – it’s all you need!

3 Colours of Pearls:

Green = A

Navy Blue = B

Turquoise = C

  1. Thread your needle up with approx 1 meter of Fireline thread and pick up 6 beads in the following pattern 3A, 2B     
  2. Now sew back through the 6 beads to form a circle
  3. Knot the tail of thread to the working thread (leave a tail of approx 20cm to attach your clasp to).
  4. Now pick up 4B and sew back through the 2B from the previous step:
  5. Now pick up 1C and stitch through the 1B diagonally opposite:
  6. Thread through the next B and pick up 1A, 2B, 1A and thread back through the 2B you just exited;
  7. Thread through the next 1A, 2B and pick up 4B
  8. Now repeat steps 5-7 until your bracelet is just short of the length you want it to be with the clasp.
  9. After your final daisy pick up 4A and thread back through the beads to exit the 2nd A you just added. Pick up one half of your clasp and go back through the next 2A – repeat the thread path to strengthen the clasp loop.
  10. Finally repeat step 9 for the other side of the bracelet using the tail of thread you left in the beginning.

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