Easy Peyote Wave Cuff

Easy peasy peyote wave cuff! Just 1 hank of dip dyed seed beads and away you go!



1 Hank of Dip Dyed Seed Beads in your choice of colour

6lb Fireline Beading Thread

Size 12 Beading Needle

Silver Plated Triple Strand Magnetic Clasp

Tip: Don’t worry if you run out of thread before you’ve finished. Simply sew back into the beads and knot your thread around the thread in the beadwork then pull the knot into a bead before snipping off the end. To add more thread simply knot the new thread around the thread in the beadwork and sew through a bead.


1. Thread your needle with a 2 meter length of Fireline beading thread. Pick up 1 small bead and bring the thread back around the bead to create a “stop” bead. Leave a tail of thread approx 12 inches long.

2. Now pick up a further 9 small beads:

3. Now pick up another small, skip the last bead that you threaded and go through the next bead. Continue adding beads in this way until you get to the end of the row:

4. Now your row will look a little like this (a bit like a zip!). The beads that stick up are often referred to as the “up” beads, and the recessed beads are often referred to as the “down” beads:

5. For the next row pick up a bead and go through the last bead that sticks up from the first row. The beads that you are adding will fit into the recessed spaces:


6. Continue adding rows this way adding at least three rows of each colour before you move onto the next colour so that the colours fade into one another:

7. When you want to add the larger beads simply keep adding beads in the same way (keep to the same pattern and the same number of beads), as you go up and down in bead size you will get a “wave” effect!

8. Continue until the bead work is approx 1cm shorter than the desired length. To add the clasp simply sew back through your beadwork and go through the loops in the clasp and back into the beadwork. Do this several times to add strength. Repeat with the other side of the clasp using the tail of thread that you left in step 1.

Step 2 – If you wish to you can add a picot edge to your cuff, but this is optional (our cuff does have a picot edge).

1. Thread your needle with a 2 meter length of thread and join into your beadwork by tying the thread around the thread in the beadwork. Pull the knot into a bead. Exit one of the beads in the edge of the cuff and pick up 3 small beads. Go through the next bead in the edge of the cuff. Continue all the way down one side of the peyote beadwork. Take your needle and thread back through the beadwork to the other edge of the cuff and repeat.

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