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Elegant Angel Key Ring

Elegant Angel Key Ring


1 x Trigger Key Ring Rhodium

1 x Sterling Silver 3 Inch Headpin or length of silver plated 0.6mm wire

1 x 6mm Crystal Rondelle

1 x 8mm Round Swarovski Crystal in plain crystal

1 x Pewter Angel Wings Charm

1 x 17mm Swarovski Crystal Artemis bead

1 x 3mm Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Round Bead

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Begin by threading all the components onto the headpin starting with a 3mm round bead, then the Swarovski Crystal Artemis bead, the angel wings, the round Swarovski Crystal and finally the crystal rondelle.

2. Now use your round nose pliers to create a loop at the top of the headpin and thread this loop onto the trigger key ring before finishing the loop off by wrapping the excess wire around the top of the headpin – this will secure the loop.

3. Finally trim off any excess wire and you’re done!

NB – If you opt to use silver plated wire instead of the headpin then cut a 10cm long length of wire and begin by making a very small wire wrapped loop on the end of the wire before threading on the beads and following the instructions in steps 1-3, if you’re using wire you won’t need a 3mm round bead as the initial loop on the end of the wire will act as a stopper to prevent the beads from slipping off the wire.

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