Fairytale Bracelet

Fairytale Bracelet


3 x Fabric Covered Beads

3 x 20mm Faceted Acrylic Beads

3 x 12mm Swarovski Pearls in Cream Rose

3 x 12mm Swarovski Pearls in Rosaline

6 x Silver Plated Plain Saucer Beads

1 x Silver Plated Decorated Heart Charm

1 x 10mm Rhinestone Ball

1 x 7mm Silver Plated Split Ring

1 x Silver Plated Headpin

2 x 3mm Silver Plated Round Bead

0.7mm Stretch Magic

Big Eye Beading Needle

GS Hypo Cement

Tools Required: Side Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting a 16 inch length of 0.7mm Stretch Magic Bead Cord

2. Thread this bead cord onto the Big Eye Beading Needle so that it is doubled up – this will give the bracelet added strength.

3. Now thread the beads in the pattern shown – you will find it tough to get both strands through the Swarovski Pearls but you will be able to gently ease them onto both strands of cord – if you’re having real difficulty then use a pair of Chain Nose Pliers to grip the beading needle and pull it through the beads.

4. Once you’ve threaded all the beads add the heart charm to the split ring and add the 3mm beads and the rhinestone ball to the headpin – use your Round Nose Pliers to create a wire wrapped loop and snip off any excess cord.

5. Finally add the split ring to the elastic cord and tie a tight double knot in the elastic – secure this knot with a dab of GS Hypo Cement, allow 10 minutes for the glue to set and then trim off any excess elastic cord

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