Forget Me Knot Necklace Project - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Forget Me Knot Necklace Project

Forget Me Knot Necklace Project


Antique Brass Chain

Antique Brass Jump Rings & Lobster Clasp

Antique Brass Girl Charm

Antique Brass Cabochon Setting

Digital Collage Sheet (or photograph/wrapping paper/greetings card – any image you like!)

Diamond Glaze

Additional Tools Required: Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, GS Hypo Cement


You can use just about any image you like to make the pendant on this necklace, only make sure that the image isn’t printed with water soluable ink or it will run when you apply the Diamond Glaze. Photos, Greetings Cards & good quality wrapping paper are ideal!

1. Cut the image to size and stick into the cabochon setting  using a dab of GS Hypo Cement or other glue.

2. Now apply the Diamond Glaze in thin layers, allow the Diamond Glaze to dry between each layer. If you make the glaze too thick in one go it will crackle when it dries – if this does happen simply apply another thin layer of Diamond Glaze and the cracks should disappear.

3. Leave the cabochon to dry over night.

4. Now assemble the necklace using the jump rings to attach the cabochon and charms to the chain, add the lobster clasp using another jump ring and you’re done!


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