Ginko Bead Sunflower Pendant Tutorial

These sparkling Sunflower Pendants are quick and fun to make.

Follow our photo tutorial below and bead one today!

Gather the following supplies:

12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

Ginko Beads

11/0 and 15/0 Seed Beads

4mm Swarovski Crystals

Size 10 Beading Needle and beading thread such as Fireline

1. Pick up 1 11/0 and thread back through the bead to form a stop bead

2. Now pick up 1 Ginko, 11/0, Ginko, 11/0 etc until you have 6 Ginko beads;

3. Now stitch up through the first 11/0 and Ginko added

4. Pick up 3 11/0 and stitch down through the Ginko bead and through the 11/0 and next Ginko

5. Pick up 11/0, 4mm Crystal, 11/0 and stitch down through the first Ginko bead.

6. Stitch up through the next 11/0 and Ginko and repeat steps 4-5 around the circle            

7. Now exit from a 4mm Crystal and pick up 15/0, 3 11/0 and 15/0 – Stitch through the next crystal and repeat around the circle:

8. Now exit one of the middle 11/0 that you added in the last round and pick up 3 11/0, stitch through the next 2 11/0 in the circle and repeat around the circle – insert your rivoli stone face down before the last stitch

9. Exit your needle through one of the middle 11/0 from the previous round – pick up 3 11/0 and stitch through the middle 11/0 in the next stitch around the circle – repeat around the circle.

10. Now stitch through your work and exit from a crystal. Pick up 15/0, Crystal, 15/0 and go through the next crystal – repeat around the circle.11. Finally add a hanging loop with 8 15/0 beads in between two crystals.12. Add a jump ring and chain to your pendant to finish

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