Harvest Necklace Tutorial - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Harvest Necklace Tutorial

This simple knotted necklace is easy to wear and easy to make too…

Gather the following supplies:

Superlon Bead Cord in your choice of colour

Size 8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Gold Heart Beads

GS Hypo Cement Glue

To make your necklace simply cut a length of Superlon Bead Cord and tie a knot in one end to stop the beads falling off. Now thread on the beads in the pattern shown – tie a knot before and after each set of beads.

When you’re happy with the length of the necklace simply knot the two ends together and add a dab of GS Hypo Cement glue to secure your knot.



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