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Holly Berries Necklace

Holly Berries Necklace

This lovely necklace project was designed by Lynne using our pretty glass pearls and champagne gold findings – perfect for Christmas day!


Length of Champagne Gold Curb Chain (Heavy)

27 x Champagne Gold Headpins

27 x 6mm Glass Pearls in Cranberry

3mm Suedette cord in Red

2 x Champagne Gold Cord Ends

2 x Champagne Gold Jump Rings

1 x Champagne Gold Toggle Clasp

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting a length of suedette cord – you’ll need to decide how long you want your necklace to be (the standard length for a necklace is between 16 and 18 inches).

2. Next cut a length of chain that’s approx 3 times as long as your suedette and thread this onto the suedette cord – it will bunch up and fall into the centre of the necklace.

3. Now attach the cord ends to the suedette – use your chain nose pliers to fold over each side of the cord end, then add a jump ring and the toggle.

4. Now decorate the chain with the glass pearls – thread a glass pearl onto a headpin and use your Round Nose Pliers to create a wire wrapped loop – add the loop to the chain before closing it off and snipping off any excess wire using  your Side Cutters. You can use as many or as little glass pearls as you like and can experiment with mixing several different colours together.

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