Hotchpotch Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Hotchpotch Necklace

Hotchpotch Necklace – this pretty necklace will go with just about everything in your wardrobe!


1.5 meters of chocolate leather or waxed  cotton cord

2 x Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Cord Ends

1 x Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Lobster Clasp

20 x Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Open Jump Rings

20 x Sterling Silver or Silver Plated 2 Inch Headpins

1 x Gunmetal Large Aluminium Heart Bead

8 x Silver Plated Leaf Charms

5 x Millefoire Glass Rectangle Beads in Aubergine, Pink, Charcoal, White and Turquoise

6 x Dawn Etched Glass Cube Beads (sold per strand)

6 xPewter Bali Style Spacer Beads

12 x 3mm Serling Silver or Silver Plated Round Beads

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by cutting the leather or waxed cotton cord into four equal lengths.

2. Take two of the lengths of cord and insert the ends of both lengths into one cord end and crimp with your chain nose pliers, do the same to the other two lengths of cord.

3. Next attach the lobster clasp to one of the cord ends using an open jump ring.

4. Now take the remaining jump rings and knot them onto the cord approx 4 inches apart, remembering to stagger them along both lengths of cord on both side of the necklace. Approx 9cm from the end of the cord tie all four lengths of cord together in a knot and finally knot the last four jump rings to the ends of the cord.

5. You will now have a necklace with jump rings down each side, a knot in the centre and a little tassle of cord below the knot with a jump ring on each of the tassles.

6. Now begin attaching your beads and leaf charms to the jump rings on either side of the necklace using the headpins and  your round nose pliers to make wire wrapped loops. Don’t worry too much about the pattern as this is a "hotchpotch" design that’s not supposed to be symetrical! Use the 3mm round beads to act as stoppers on the headpins and the bali style spacer beads to accent some of the glass beads.

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