Its a Wrap Christmas Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Its a Wrap Christmas Bracelet


1 x Silver Plated Lozenge Bead

3 meters Suedette Cord in your choice of colour

Silver Plated Charms (at least 9)

Silver Plated 7mm Jump Rings


1. Cut three 1 meter lengths of suedette cord and knot them all together at one end.

2. Now pass them through the lozenge bead and tie another knot close to the lozenge bead –  you will now have three cords and at one end of all three you will have a knot, followed by the lozenge bead and another knot.

3. Now plait all three strands together until your plait is approx 21 inches (53cm) long – it needs to go around your wrist three times.

4. Now tie another knot in the strands to finish off the plait, leave a 2cm gap and tie another knot, then trim the cords.

5. Now add your charms to the plait using the 7mm jump rings – slip the jump rings onto one of the strands of cord in the plait wherever you want your charms to be. Add the charm to the jump ring and close using your chain nose pliers.

You’re done! The lozenge forms a toggle clasp, simply wrap the bracelet three times around your wrist and pass the lozenge through the loop at the other end of the bracelet! Easy Peasy!

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