Ivy League Bracelet Tutorial - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Ivy League Bracelet Tutorial

This Ivy League Bracelet was designed exclusively for Spoilt Rotten Beads by Lauren Donley Brown using the latest sparkly Chatoyant colours of Ginko Beads

Gather the following supplies:

Ginko Beads

DropDuo Beads

GemDuo Beads

15/0 and 11/0 Miyuki or Toho Seed Beads

3mm Crystal Rondelles

  1.  Cut a 1 meter length of DuraThread, add a needle to one end and add a stop bead to your thread.
  2. Pick up 3 15/0 and 1 GemDuo and 3 15/0 beads
  3. Now pick up 1 Ginko bead and go through the empty hole in the GemDuo bead
  4. Now pick up 1 more Ginko bead and sew back through the first 3 15/0 added, through the GemDuo and the next 3 15/0
  5. Now sew back up through the Ginko bead as shown:
  6. Now sew through the empty hole in  the Ginko bead that you are exiting from:
  7. Now pick up: 1 DropDuo Bead, 1 15/0, 1 DropDuo Bead, 1 Ginko, 1 GemDuo, 1 Ginko, 1 DropDuo, 1 15/0 and 1 DropDuo.  Sew through the empty hole in the next Ginko:
  8. Now sew through the empty hole in the GemDuo you just added and through the Ginko as shown:
  9. Now thread back down through the DropDuo, 15/0, DropDuo, Ginko and then through the empty hole in the Ginko:
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 until your bracelet is approx 2cm shorter than you’d like the finished length to be
  11. Finish by exiting from a  Ginko Bead and picking up 3 11/0, 1 GemDuo and 3 11/0 – sew through the next Ginko Bead:
  12. Now stitch through the 3 11/0 and GemDuo just added and pickup 4 11/0 and one half of your clasp then 4 11/0 and back through the GemDuo again:
  13. Now stitch up through the 3 11/0 and pick up 3 more 11/0 and sew through the DropDuo bead:
  14. Pick up 1 Crystal and sew through the next DropDuo:
  15. Now pick up 2 15/0 and stitch through the next DropDuo:
  16. Now repeat steps 14 and 15 along the whole length of the piece
  17. Repeat step 12-16 to add the other side of the clasp and embellish the other side of the bracelet
  18. Secure your working thread by knotting it inbetween several beads and pulling tight.
  19. Remove the stop bead from your work and weave the tail of thread back into your work and secure by knotting the thread inbetween several beads.
  20. Trim off your tails of thread and you’re done!


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