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Kumihimo Bag Charm

Kumihimo Braided Bag Charm



1 x Round Kumihimo Disk

1 x Trigger Clasp in your choice of finish (silver, gunmetal or antique brass)

4 different colours of 1mm Satin Cord (1 meter of each is sufficient)

Charms or beads to add to your creation!


1. Begin by taking the 4 different colours of satin cord and hold them all together and find the centre – now knot them all onto the the loop on the trigger clasp so that you end up with 8 roughly equal lengths of satin cord dangling from the trigger clasp.

2. Now set up your kumihimo disk as shown below. It really doesn’t matter which colour goes where so don’t stress about that! Just set up the disk with one length of cord either side of the marker dots on the disk.

3. Now you’re ready to start braiding – hold the disk with the Bead Smith logo at the top and take the cord on the bottom left and move it up to the top left, then take the cord on the top right and move it down to the bottom right.

4. Now rotate the disk a quarter turn to the right and repeat the process (full diagrams are included with your disk!) – it’s very easy and a great craft for children to make pressies for their friends and grown ups too!

5. When you’re happy with the length of your braid simply remove it from the disk a tie a tight knot in it – then trim the ends of the tassel to the desired length – easy peasy!

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