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Leather Key Rings

Leather Key Rings



Key Ring Finding

Slider Beads for Eco Nappa or Slider Beads for Flat Leather (you can get several strands of the 1mm and 1.5mm round leather through these)

Round Leather Cord or Eco Nappa Cord

Bali Style Bead Caps (if you’re using the Eco Nappa Cord)

Silver Plated Beads (if you’re using the round leather cord), we used 3mm round beads and filigree beads)



1. Cut a length of Eco Nappa or Round Leather Cord (you’ll need approx 22cm), if you’re using the thinner 1mm and 1.5mm leather cords then it looks great if you use several colours (see picture above).

2. Now knot the leather or Eco Nappa cord onto the Key Ring using a larks head knot:

3. Now thread on the slider bead and push it up against the knot, glue into place using Fevi Kwik Glue or Zap Gel Glue

4. Finally add some Bali Style Bead Caps to the Eco Nappa using the glue or if you’re using the round leather cord you might like to thread some silver plated beads onto the leather and tie knots to stop the beads falling off (we used 3mm silver plated beads and 5mm silver plated filigree beads)


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