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Marina’s Necklace

If like us you’re hooked on Bridgerton (Netflix’s latest costume drama) then you’ll also have noticed all the stunning jewellery on the show.

We couldn’t resist being inspired by Marina’s favourite necklace and have replicated it here for you!

You’ll need to gather the following supplies (scroll down to the bottom of this tutorial to add everything to your cart)

Fireline Beading Thread – 6lb Crystal

Size 10 Beading Needles (you’ll need 3)

18k Gold Plated Toggle Clasp

Miyuki 8/0 Seed beads in Ivory Ceylon

6mm Czech Glass Pearls in White

4mm Czech Glass Pears in Irridescent White


  • Cut three 70cm lengths of Fireline thread and knot them all to a toggle clasp – make sure you tie a double knot and test that your thread is secure.

  • Now thread one set of 3 seed beads onto all three of the strands followed by a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl and 4mm pearl.

  • Now seperate the three strands of thread and add 20 seed beads onto each strand

  • Bring all three strands back through a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl, 4mm pearl

  • Now seperate the three strands of thread and add 20 seed beads onto each strand
  • Keep repeating the pattern until you have 8 repeats – this will make a necklace that’s approx 18 inches long
  • Exiting from the last 4mm pearl bring all 3 strands through 3 seed beads and then through the other half of the toggle clasp

  • Now sew back through the 3 seed beads and knot the threads onto the thread in between the beads like so:

  • Now thread through the 4mm pearl and knot one more time before trimming off your tails of thread

Don your best frock and head off to the next ball of the season !!

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