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Memento Resin Necklace

This tutorial is super easy and creates a personalised, unique necklace. Perfect for gifting on birthdays or as a wedding gift.

1. Use your choice of items (beads, petals etc.) and place them carefully onto your pendant bezel. Arrange them so that there is nothing overhanging the bezel frame.

If you’re using a photograph, place this over the frame, lining up the part of the photo you wish to use. Then, carefully mark a circle on the reverse to cut out. Spray with some clear varnish to seal the ink in the photo.

2. Mix your resin together in equal parts. Using a wooden stick, mix together thoroughly. Carefully guide small amounts of resin directly over your pendant until you have a clear coat. Use a wet wipe to mop up any spillages.

3. Place your pendant on an item (ie/ a book) so that the loop section of the pendant hangs freely and allows the main area of the pendant to sit flat.

4. Leave for 24 hours to harden. Thread your pendant onto a finished chain, or create your own, and voila! A stunning, personalised pendant necklace you’ll never find anywhere else.



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