Mermaid Bracelets with Stretch Magic – Jewellery Making Tutorial

Gather the following supplies (scroll down to add them to your cart)

Stretch Magic 0.7mm

4mm Firepolish Beads

4mm Bali Style Rondelle Beads

Silver Plated Spacer Beads

Charm Holder

Mermaid Charms

5mm Open Jump Rings

ZapGel Glue

Chain Nose Pliers, Scissors & Sellotape


  1. Cut a length of Stretch Magic approx 20cm long and add a piece of sellotape to one end (the sellotape will stop your beads from falling off the end of your elastic)
  2. Now thread on your beads (enough to comfortably fit around your wrist)
  3. Finally thread on the Charm Holder bead and knot the Stretch Magic
  4. Add a dab of Zap Gel glue to your knot and leave to dry (Zap Gel is extremely strong, be careful not to get it on your beads and keep away from skin).
  5. Once the glue is dry you can trim off your tails of elastic and add the charms using jumprings

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