Metallic Mulberry Bracelet - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Metallic Mulberry Bracelet

This pretty design takes less than 5 minutes to make once you’re familar with the bead pattern. This pattern creates a standard 7″ bracelet but you may wish to adjust beads to alter the length.

You will need:
Beading Thread
Miyuki Cubes (Matte Topaz/Matte Teal)
10mm Pearls (Burgundy)
Carrier Beads (Sliperit)

1. Start by threading 60cms of thread onto your needle and looping/knotting one end onto the bar end of a toggle clasp.Pull tight to secure.

2. Thread on 8 Miyuki cubes in alternating colours, pass through one side of a Carrier bead, a Miyuki cube, a pearl and continue this pattern until you have used 5 carrier beads.

3. Add another 8 alternative cubes and pass through the other side of the toggle, looping tosecure in place.Repeat the pattern as above, passing back through the second hole of the carrier beads.

4. To finish, sew back through your toggle loop and some of your beadwork to secure.

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