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Molten Metal Inspiration | Simple Stringing

You can use the tutorial below to create a range of stunning complimentary necklaces and bracelets with our limited edition Molten Metal Bumper kit, or beads of your own choosing.

1. Cut a length of beading wire depending on the type of jewellery you wish to make. Attach a crimp bead to the wire, then one section of a toggle. Thread your wire back down through the crimp beads and crush it – leaving a small tail and trimming excess.

2. Begin to thread on beads in a pattern of your choosing. Carefully thread both pieces of wire into the first few beads to hide the tail we left in the last step.

3. When you have reached the desired length for you bracelet or necklace, repeat the process of adding a crimp and toggle section. Trim your wire to leave another 3″ or so tail and thread this back through your beads, exiting somewhere in the end section of your piece and trim to hide. Crush your crimp bead flush to complete.


4. You can add extra detailing to your handmade piece by attaching a charm with a splitring. These are best used with two pairs of chain nosed pliers. You can also use jumprings but on a neck toggle split rings are often more secure for charms.




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