Nest Ring - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Nest Ring

These nest rings are quick and easy to make


8 or 10mm beads of your choice (We’ve used a Swarovski Crystal Pearl)

0.6mm Silver Plated Non Tarnish Wire

Tools: Ring Mandrel, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers


  1. Cut a length of wire about 30cm. Put the focal bead in the middleof the wire, and lay it flat on the mandrel at the line indicating your chosenring size. Wrap either end of wire around the mandrel and bring it back to thefront so the wire ends lie to either side of the bead.
  2. Firmly gripping the wire so it stays taunt, cross the wires aroundthe bead.
  3. Again, keeping the wires taught, cross the wires again. As youcross the wires, you want the newly wrapped wire to lay underneath the previouscrossed wire.
  4. Keeping wrapping the wires around the circle of the bead, keepingpressure on the wire for, and making each new layer wrapped underneath theprevious layer.
  5. When you have either four or five wraps (my preference), thenyou’re finished wrapping around the bead, and it is time to finish the sides.
  6. Before wrapping the sides, clip the excess wire – give yourselfabout 5cm of wire on both sides to finish the ring with.
  7. Wrap the tail of the wire around one side of the ring. Keep firmpressure on the wire to make nice, neat loops.
  8. When you have three or four loops, snip off the excess wire withyour wire cutters. I snip mine with the cut on top of the ring so that the endisn’t underneath and poking my finger. Flatten any sharp edges using your chainnose pliers.


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