Ophelia Necklace - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Ophelia Necklace

Ophelia Necklace


1 Pack of Gold Plated Fancy Chain

1 x Turquoise Carved Bird Bead

1 x Aubergine Millefiori Round Bead

1 x Teal Millefiori Round Bead

2 x 8mm Emerald Swarovski Crystal Round Beads

1 x 12mm Swarovski Crystal Cream Rose Pearl

1 x 8mm Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bead

1 x Gold Plated Toggle Clasp

5 x Gold Plated Jump Rings

7 x Gold Plated Fancy Bali Style Headpins

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers


1. Begin by attaching the clasp to the ends of the chain using two jump rings and your chain nose pliers (the packet of chain will be temporarily joined in the centre with a jump ring which you can discard).

2. Next you will need to tie a knot in the chain as shown in the picture.

3. Next thread the beads onto the headpins in the pattern shown.

4. Finally begin attaching the beads and charms to the chain in the pattern shown by using your round nose pliers to make wire wrapped loops on the headpins.


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