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Purple Haze Charm Necklace

Purple Haze Charm Necklace

This design is v. clever as it’s adjustable – wear it short by fastening the toggle or slip it over your head to wear it long….The inspriation for this stunning necklace came from one of our customers who appeared at our shop wearing a very similar creation with a silver foiled murano heart at the centre – thank you for letting us use your clever idea (you know who you are!)


(don’t be tied to using everything in the list below – this is a great project for using up all those odds and ends in your bead box)

1 x 20mm Purple Haze Murano Glass Heart

1 x Sterling Silver High Heeled Shoe Charm

1 x Sterling Silver Mini Leaf Dangle

1 x Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant

1 x Pewter Handbag Charm

1 x 6mm Light Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Bicone

1 x 4mm Purple Velvet Swarovski Crystal Bicone

1 x 8mm Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Round Bead

1 x 10mm Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Round Bead

3 x Peacock Pearls (or any other loose beads that you have left over from other projects)

2 x 3mm Sterling Silver Round Beads

1 Pack of Miyuki Delica Mix – Lilacs

4 x 6mm Jumplocks

1 x 3 inch Sterling Silver Head Pin

7 x 2 inch Sterling Silver Head Pins

1 x Plain Round Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

2 x Sterling Silver 2x2mm Crimp Beads

Beadalon 19 Strand Wire – Bright

2cm of 3.7mm Sterling Silver Cable Chain

Additional Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Side Nose Pliers, Professional Micro Shears (these babies slice through Beadalon like butter!)


1. Begin by cutting a 82cm length of Beadalon wire. Thread this through the loop on the ring of the toggle clasp.

2. Bring both ends of the wire together, and thread on one crimp bead onto both strands of wire. Bring the crimp bead down to the ring of the toggle and crimp. You should now have two 41cm lengths of Beadalon crimped onto the ring of the toggle clasp.

3. Thread the Delica beads onto both strands of the Beadalon until you have two 36cm lengths (tip – use some selotape on the ends of your Beadalon to stop the beads falling off the first strand whilst you finish threading the Delicas onto the second strand).

4. Take both strands of Delica beads and crimp them onto the bar of the toggle clasp using just one crimp (both ends of wire will need to go through the one crimp bead and back again). Snip off any excess wire using your Professional Micro Shears

5. Using a jump lock attach the chain to the ring of the toggle clasp.

6. Thread the beads onto the headpins in the pattern shown above.

7. Using your round nose pliers attach the headpins to the chain by creating wire wrapped loops

8. Attach the charms to the chain using the jump locks


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