Scissor Charms - Spoilt Rotten Beads

Scissor Charms

These scissor charms are super cute and a great way to personalise your beading scissors.

They’ll also make sure your scissors don’t get mixed up or lost when you’re out and about or at a crafting group

You’ll need the following supplies (see below for our limited edition project packs)

Beading Scissors

Superlon Bead Cord

Czech Pressed Glass Bead Mix

8mm Swarovski Crystal Xilion


Czech Glass Alphabet Beads (see the full range here)

GS Hypo Cement Glue


1. Start by cutting around 20cm Superlon Bead cord and loop it onto your scissors as shown:

2. Tie a knot in both cords just below the scissors:

3. Thread on the beads in whichever pattern you like and tie a double knot after the last bead

4. Finish with a charm:

5. Seal your knots with a dab of GS Hypo Cement glue and leave to dry before trimming

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