Seaglass Chakra Mala Necklace

Vivien created this mala necklace by knotting the sea glass style beads onto Superlon Bead Cord.

You can watch a video tutorial showing you how to create a knotted necklace by clicking here.

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Two Strand of Sea Glass Style Rondelles

5 x Heart Beads

Brushed Rondelle Beads

Superlon Bead Cord in your choice of colour

Mood Bead

Tassel with jump ring


  1. Open the jump ring on the tassel and add on 6 of the brushed rondelle beads to the jump ring – these add some nice decoration to the ring
  2. Cut a 1.5 meter length of Superlon Bead cord and loop it over the jump ring on the tassel so that you have two equal lengths of bead cord exiting from the jump ring
  3. Thread both strands of cord through a heart bead, the mood bead and a brushed rondelle bead.
  4. Now split off the lengths of cord and begin knotting the sea glass style beads  adding a heart bead or a brushed rondelle every once in a while. Watch our video tutorial here if you get stuck!
  5. To make a proper yoga mala necklace you’ll need to use a total of 108 beads – but you can decide how many beads you want to use.
  6. Finish by knotting the ends of your cord together and sealing the knot with some GS Hypo Cement glue before trimming off the tails of thread.


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